Value Added Consulting

We offer consulting services in all areas of business management to companies of all sizes in a wide variety of segments within the Federal Government IT sector. Our core competencies we bring in support of our clients are listed below.

Business Expansion

Whether your company requires short-term or long-term measures, our expert advice will help you navigate safely to shape your mission, core values and strategic plan.  Our consultants provide hands-on support for growth opportunities to help identify, qualify and close deals, with services including business development, capture management, proposal development and "color" review, competitive analysis, pricing strategy/development, and other services.

Legal Services

Developing effective legal strategies for industry-leading companies, with a goal of litigation avoidance, is a core practice of FedBiz Consulting.  Need a part time General Counsel?  Expertise in Government contracts?  Our legal services include a host of capabilities to support the achievement of your business goals. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

There are risks present within any business; mergers and acquisitions pose added threats as well as opportunities which mandate diligence, patience and professional care.  FedBiz Consulting has significant expertise involving mergers and acquisitions, from identifying and qualifying candidates, through closure and transition management.  We have established, proven processes in place, including a host of artifacts to assist your team in performing due diligence, transition services and merger of new firms into your existing organization.

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